Friends of the Vocal Arts Donations

A $50 donation is suggested for each student*. No student will be denied the right to participate in Beckman Choir activities due to lack of a donation. Other Fundraising activities (restaurant nights and poinsettia sales) will be available throughout the year.

Your generous donations help to provide things that the district can not. These include, the cost of an accompanist for concerts and rehearsals, meals for students during practices, software purchases and learning tools such as Sight Reading Factory, cover production expenses for concerts as well as, choreographers, sound engineers, scholarships, and much more.

Select your donation level and click the yellow Donate button below

All donors will receive a Vocal Arts Decal.


Want To Give More?

Please consider becoming a Platinum, Gold or Silver Friend of Vocal Arts. Your generous donations will go directly back to your choir students! We will contact you to find out T-shirt/sweatshirt sizes and to distribute tickets. Thank you!



Become a Platinum Donor by donating $500.00 or more. Receive 16 tickets and a Beckman Vocal Arts Sweatshirt and Decal



Become a Gold Donor by donating $300.00. Receive 8 tickets and a Beckman Vocal Arts Hat and Decal



Become a Silver Donor by donating $200.00. Receive 4 tickets and a Beckman Vocal Arts T-Shirt and Decal