Bel Canto

About Bel Canto

Bel Canto or Women's Advanced Choir is a challenging and exciting ensemble of advanced female singers, sophomores, juniors and seniors. As in Madrigals, members are expected to perform throughout Southern California in the Southern California Vocal Association Honor festivals, solo and small ensemble festivals, the Carnegie Honors Performance Series, the Haborlites Barbershop Quartet Chorus Diva Day, and many university and music camp summer intensives.

Bel Canto Choir Officers

Isabel Ragone
Soprano I
Section Leader

Hello, I’m Isabel Ragone, and I am the section leader of the soprano ones in Bel Canto. I am a sophomore, and I am 14 years of age. I am currently in my second year at Beckman High School, and I am so eager to continue my journey in the choir!

Joanne Peng
Soprano II Section Leader

Hello! My name is Joanne Peng and I am the second soprano section leader for Bel Canto! I am a four-year senior and started my journey in Beckman’s choral program my freshman year. I am privileged with the opportunity to lead the second sopranos for a second year. Through my years in the choral program, I was granted incredible opportunities such as being nominated for Orange County Artist of the year and attending phenomenal workshops such as the annual Diva Day barbershop workshop. I am thrilled to be back in person and working with the incredible girls in my section!

Sadie Truong
Alto I Section Leader

Hi! I’m Sadie Truong and I’m the Alto I section leader. I’m very excited to see what this year will bring us now that we are all here together! As this year will by my fourth and final year in choir, I’ll make sure to contribute what I can as a section leader to make this year a blast!

Lucy Cho
Alto II Section Leader

Hello! My name is Lucy Cho, and I am the section leader for the second altos! I’m a 15 year old Sophomore that joined choir in my freshman year. I’m so excited for what this year brings us!

Alyssa Golden Social Media/Technology Advisor

Alyssa is a senior and has been fortunate enough to participate in Beckman's choir all throughout her high school experience. Freshman year Alyssa was in Mixed Choir, and the last three years she has been in Bel Canto. Sophomore year Alyssa served as the Alto II section lead, and she also had the opportunity to attend Diva Day. The past two years Alyssa has served as a social media/technology advisor, and further assists with Choir Officer related projects. Outside of school, Alyssa is part of South Coast Repertory's musical theater conservatory. Additionally, Alyssa is very active in her temple's music program, being involved in two different choirs. Despite changes due to the pandemic, Alyssa has made sure to stay singing. She has participated in various virtual choirs and had solo performances featured across her synagogue’s social media. Alyssa is greatly looking forward to her engagement in choir this year, and making her final year the best yet!