Bel Canto

About Bel Canto

Bel Canto or Women's Advanced Choir is a challenging and exciting ensemble of advanced female singers, sophomores, juniors and seniors. As in Madrigals, members are expected to perform throughout Southern California in the Southern California Vocal Association Honor festivals, solo and small ensemble festivals, the Carnegie Honors Performance Series, the Haborlites Barbershop Quartet Chorus Diva Day, and many university and music camp summer intensives.

Bel Canto Choir Officers

Bianca Bork Posada

Soprano I Section Leader

Bel Canto’s soprano 1 section leader Bianca Bork Posada is currently in her junior year, thus being in her 3rd year of high school choir. In years prior to high school, she attended pioneer middle school as both a 1st and 2nd soprano and took choir for all three years under the direction of Holly Kean. Bianca aims to graduate high school and go to a California film school, in which she can pursue her dreams of working in the entertainment business.

Julia Romasoc
Soprano II Section Leader

Hi! My name is Julia Romasoc and I am the Soprano II section leader for the Bel Canto Choir! Currently, I am a sophomore and this is my second year of being a part of the Beckman Choral Program. I've gained a lot of musical and performing experience, being a former pianist and dancer, while also being a part of my middle school's choir program for all three years. I hope to develop my musical abilities even further by being in this program and I'm so excited to create a lot of memories this year!

Jennifer Tran

Alto I Section Leader

Hi! My name is Jennifer Tran and I am currently a junior which makes this my third year of choir! I’ve got to make so many new connections with people and got to meet my best friends! I’m constantly growing each day in choir! I hope this will be an amazing year for all of us!!

Anusha Kholi

Alto I Section Leader Librarian

Hi, I’m Anusha, and I’m the section leader for Alto I (Bel Canto) and Soprano (Mixed Choir). Right now, I’m a junior and in my third year of high school choir. It’s so exciting to be in both Mixed Choir and Bel Canto, and I have met so many amazing, talented people over the years. I’m so glad I get to do what I love, and I hope that everyone has a great time in choir!

Lucy Cho
Alto II Section Leader

Hello! My name is Lucy Cho, and I am the section leader for the second altos! I’m a 16 year old Junior that joined choir in my freshman year. I’m so excited for what this year brings us!

Isabel Ragone


Hi! My name is Isabel Ragone. I am currently in my Junior year and I’m proud to be in Bel Canto here at Beckman. I am this year’s Librarian here for the Beckman Choir and I am so excited to be a part of the choir again, for the third year in a row. Before being a student here at Beckman, I have had previous experience with music. I was a part of Pioneer Middle School’s choir for two years and also taught myself to play the piano at a young age. Now, I am looking forward to creating more memories with everybody and improving my music skills.