About Madrigals

Madrigals is Beckman's premier mixed choir. Admission is through audition only, and consists mainly of Juniors and Seniors. It is expected that members will be performing throughout the vocal community in Southern California and beyond. Members represent BHS in the Southern California Vocal Arts Regional and All State Honor Festivals, the Honors Performance Series with students performing at Carnegie Hall, the Sydney Opera House, and the Musikverein in Vienna Austria, as well as at universities and summer arts intensive programs around the world.

Madrigals Choir Officers

Himawari Rueff
Soprano Section Leader

Hello, my name is Himawari Rueff, and I’m the soprano section leader in Madrigals. I am currently a sophomore, and this is my second year in the Beckman choir program. I am so excited to make some great memories this year, and I can’t wait to get to know everyone better!

Paityn Bowen
Alto Section Leader

Paityn Bowen, the Alto section leader in Madrigals, is a junior and is currently in her third year as a Beckman choir student. Before high school, she had been previously involved in the choir in middle school for three years, in which she gained the basic musical knowledge and skills which she carried into Beckman as a freshman in 2019. Mrs. Stück continues to build upon this foundation, and Paityn grows more as a vocalist every day. In addition, Paityn was a member of the cast in Beckman's 2020 production of “Beauty and the Beast,” and she looks forward to a future Beckman musical!

James Fung
Tenor Section Leader

James is a Sophomore at Beckman High school. This is his Second year in choir. James has been in Mixed and now Madrigals. He was a member of the Mixed choir for his Freshman year and now is in Madrigals for his Sophomore year. James favorite part about choir is getting the opportunity to sing and do the things he loves the most.

Nicholas Kim
Bass Section Leader

Hi, my name is Nicholas Kim. I’m a senior, and I’m the baritone/low bass section leader of Madrigals, the general head of department for choir, and the school’s drum major for marching band this year! Although I’ve only been in choir for two years, it’s been a real pleasure singing and working with so many talented people in the vocal arts department. So excited to see all the amazing stuff everyone will do this year!