Mixed Choir

About Mixed Choir

Mixed Choir is a general choir, open to all, freshmen through seniors with no audition necessary.   Mixed Choir typically performs three concerts and two daytime festivals.  No after school rehearsals involved.

Mixed Choir Officers

Anusha Kohli

Soprano Section Leader

Anusha, is the soprano section leader for Mixed Choir. She's a senior and in her fourth year of high school choir. She is excited to be in Mixed Choir, and has met many amazing, talented people over the years. She is so glad she gets to do what she loves, and hopes that everyone has a great time in choir!

Dhiella Khumara 

Alto Section Leader

Dhiella is currently a senior and is in her 4th year in mixed choir and 2nd year in madrigals. This year will also be her third as the alto section leader in mixed choir. She is grateful to be in the Beckman Vocal Arts program and for all the opportunities she's received. During her sophomore year, she helped host the SCVA festival at Beckman and participated in the pit choir for Addams Family. Every year, she gets the pleasure of watching others grow and improve with her. She hopes to have an amazing school year!

Cole Taylor
Tenor Section Leader 

Cole Taylor is the Tenor section leader for both Mixed and Madrigals choir. He’s currently powering through his senior year and his fourth year within the Beckman Choir program. He’s very proud of all of his past performances with both theatre and choir and is excited to add more performances to his repertoire. He’s looking forward to a great final year at Beckman.

Austin Elkins
Bass/Baritone Section Leader 

Austin Elkins, the Bass and Baritone section leader in Madrigals and Mixed choir, is currently a senior at Beckman High School. This is his fourth year in Beckman Choir and tenth year singing. Austin is excited for this year's inevitably awesome shows, and can't wait to work with all of the great singers in choir! He was recently in The Addams Family as Gomez and is the current president of theatre. He is also looking forward to graduating and continuing to sing opera professionally.