Mixed Choir

About Mixed Choir

Mixed Choir is a general choir, open to all, freshmen through seniors with no audition necessary. Mixed Choir typically performs three concerts and two daytime festivals. No after school rehearsals involved.

Mixed Choir Officers

Anusha Kohli

Soprano Section Leader

Hi, I’m Anusha, and I’m the section leader for Alto I (Bel Canto) and Soprano (Mixed Choir). Right now, I’m a junior and in my third year of high school choir. It’s so exciting to be in both Mixed Choir and Bel Canto, and I have met so many amazing, talented people over the years. I’m so glad I get to do what I love, and I hope that everyone has a great time in choir!

Dhiella Khumara

Alto Section Leader

Hi, my name is Dhiella Khumara and I am a junior at Beckman High School. I’ve participated in Mixed Choir for about 3 years now and recently joined Madrigals at the Beckman Vocal Arts Program. This is my second year as Alto Section Leader in Mixed Choir.

I have been singing since I was little and joined a choir when I was in 3rd grade. I'm really grateful that I get to be in such a great program with amazing people. I get the pleasure to watch others grow while I grow. I am so thankful for the program because I got the opportunity to help host the SCVA festival of 2021-2022 at Beckman High School. I hope we have another amazing year!

Kyle Wang
Men's Section Leader

Hi! My name is Kyle Wang and this will be my second year in Mixed Choir and my first year in Madrigals. I really love singing and harmonizing with my fellow peers. I hope to continue singing with these amazing people and to grow and improve as a singer! I look forward to all the events and concerts that everyone will participate in!